Acuitty B2B Services Exchange Platform (AxP) targets the $500 Billion technology and consulting services markets globally

  • Acuitty Services Exchange (patent pending) solves problems related to supplier discovery, trust, idle capacity, and execution.
  • Delivers buyers a value in excess of 20-30% of purchase price through cost reduction and quality improvement.Acuitty plans to capture half of that as revenue.
  • Acuitty Tokens power the platform and 100% of distributed profit will be used to buy and burn tokens. There is no other profit distribution.
  • Early investment commitments already received for large investors.
  • Quarterly audited reports to be published for financials and token buy-back.
  • Key revenue generation pieces of AxP are in advanced stages of readiness for deployment.
  • Acuitty leadership team has in the past set up and scaled to a billion dollars a global operation similar to what AxP enables for one of the largest firms in the world.

US Patent Pending

The Global B2B Services Market is Ripe for Disruption…

Opportunity to unlock 20-30% of the $500 Billion Consulting and IT Services Market

Key Challenges

  • Discovery

    Limited visibility of qualified vendors across geographies

  • Trust

    Lack of transparent rating mechanisms to assess supplier quality

  • Idle Capacity

    Inability for suppliers to monetize 10-12% excess idle capacity – leading to raised client pricing

  • Execution

    Average 12 – 15% project delays and cost escalations in services contracts

Key Trends

  • Deal sizes are shrinking globally
  • Increasing number of specialized suppliers. ~1.5 million IT and consulting firms globally.
  • Market share of smaller disruptive players is growing 3X that of larger, more established players
  • Increased adoption of collaborative technology and distributed / remote resources

Operating Model

The proposed Acuitty Service Exchange (AxP) will address the challenges of Discovery, Trust, Idle Capacity, and Execution at global level

We have a defined roadmap to initiate, deploy and scale the AxP


Executive Team

Advisory Board

Token Sale

Pricing and Bonus Allocations

Token Price = 350 Acuitty Tokens / ETH. Bonus Tokens allocated based on following Table.

Minimum Contribution = 0.1 ETH (Across All Phases)

Phase Ending Condition Early Bird Bonus Large Investor Bonus
Acuitty Tokens sale 5 Eth+ 10 Eth+ 50 Eth+
Pre-Sales and Early Investors 21M 50% 30% 40% 50%
Ico Crowdfunding Ph 1 21M 30% 15% 25% 35%
Ico Crowdfunding Ph 2 28M 20% 15% 25% 35%
Ico Crowdfunding Ph 3 42M 10% 15% 25% 35%
Ico Crowdfunding Ph 4 56M 0% 15% 25% 35%
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Example :

A person investing 75 ETH in the 1st week would get the Early Bird bonus (50%) + Large Investor Bonus (30%) = 80%. So, Total Acuitty Tokens per ETH s/he gets = 350 + 80% of 350 = 350 + 280 = 630 Acuitty Tokens per ETH

Note: Management will announce the timing of the ICO Crowdfunding Stages 1-4 during/after the “Pre-Sales and Early Investor Stage”